“Invest the time to discover Mindfulness with Sarah, it does require commitment but it is worth it, you will benefit at every stage.”

“Sarah is very good at explaining concepts, bringing mindfulness into everyday life and teaching all the practices very well.”

“I really like the progressive nature of the course. The way it built up the practice. Allowing me to almost build up some resilience in my practice before trying to look at more difficult experiences and feelings. But always in a safe and controlled way.”

“I found you a very skilful teacher.  The way you managed the group and enabled everyone to speak frankly and honestly was really impressive.  You came across as sincere and you had everyone’s best interests as heart.”

“You were excellent, Sarah, and kept us focused and structured throughout the weeks. Your voice is very soporific and your words meaningful, which helped me stay relaxed and focused.”

“[Mindfulness practice has] given me time/ allowed me to say it’s ok to take time for myself and nurture my inner self.”

“I embarked upon mindfulness to help me run long distances, but the benefits in terms of self-awareness and attentiveness have been unexpected and beneficial. Sarah proved very knowledgeable, helping me to understand my misconceptions and clarifying any confusion. Mindfulness is a lot about practice, but Sarah’s guidance has been invaluable along the way.”

“The ambience of the location and facilities for this course is perfect. The course and the practices have definitely helped me come back to the basics when I have difficult or emotional thoughts going on.”

“Practising mindfulness helps me deal with day to day life, reflect on how thoughts and feelings influence my mind and ultimately happiness.”